River Cruise

River Cruising is life's leisurely stroll through the fast fane.  Imagine sailing into some of the World's great cities Paris, Vienna, Moscow, Budapest or  traversing the great waterways of the Danube, Seine, Yangtze, and Nile.

A River Cruise brings you to the center of the action and allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. All without having to repack your bag.  If you're an explorer who dislikes the inconvenience repacking a bag, a River Cruise is for you.

Croatian Coast and the best of the Adriatic
7 nights starting at $23,290.00
from Emerald Cruises
available 7/27/2024 - 8/3/2024
Active & Discovery On The Rhine With 2 Nights In Lucerne
9 nights starting at $4,548.00
from Avalon Waterways
available 8/29/2024 - 9/7/2024
Christmastime From Budapest To Frankfurt With 2 Nights In Budapest
14 nights starting at $6,447.00
from Avalon Waterways
available 11/29/2025 - 12/13/2025
Autumn Along the Rhine: Munich's Oktoberfest
9 nights starting at $8,190.00
from Tauck
available 9/24/2025 - 10/3/2025
Pharaohs & Pyramids
11 nights starting at $5,999.00
from Viking River Cruises
available 8/24/2024 - 9/4/2024